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Men Who Join Couples In Bed Have More Skilled Sex Lives No matter how confident you are in bed, expanding your sex skills is something no man would turn down. New research shows that men who engage in threesomes with a couple are nearly four times more likely to perform better in bed then men who don't. UBangWithFriends is the best hookup site for men looking to find couples looking to have a little fun, get laid, and learn new things in bed. Register now and start connecting with sexy and adventurous couples looking for a single guy like you to hookup with tonight!

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Skip The Wait And Get Laid Now! If you're looking for a threesome with a couple, finding one can be challenging. It's uncomfortable approaching the subject with people you already know, and trying to find new people organically is difficult when you don't know who is or isn't sexually adventurous. That's why UBangWithFriends is the best and easies online dating hookup site: You never have to play the guessing game. You simply log in, see which couples are browsing, and start connecting! Every couple you find is looking for the same thing you are, so finding hot and fast hookups is easier than ever!

Want To Try Something New? A lot of men who don't use real hookup websites assume that only those looking to get laid often register. The reality for most men looking for couples online is that they're looking to explore, not perfect their expertise. Whether you're looking for your first threesome or you're looking for your 20th, you'll find the perfect matches to meet your needs on the best adult date hookup site online! Visit UBangWithFriends tonight and try something new with someone new.


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"A lot of sites that tailor to men looking for couples to hookup with are for gay men. I don't mind having threesomes where another man is involved, but I want to have a woman somewhere there in the mix. UBangWithFriends is one of the only sites that promotes having straight couples and actually has them. I've found quite a few couples on the site that were really good looking and were really good in bed. I like this site way better than other ones I've tried!"

- InBed4TheDay, 32

"Woah! Registering for this site was one of the best ideas I've had haha. But in all seriousness it really was a great decision to sign up! I met a ton of couples right off the bat and hooked up with a few of them which was cool because everyone was into different things. People who wanted to watch, people who wanted to join-- It's really cook having options to do literally whatever you want in bed. I'd suggest it to a friend if they wanted to have better sex for sure!"

- DunDaDun, 28

"I wanted to live out my fantasy of a threesome since I was a teenager. I always assumed that it would just happen when I went off to college but that wasn't the case and I ended up being pretty disappointed. UBangWithFriends let me find a couple to finally live it out. I only hooked up with one couple, but I still use the site to hook up with girls. It's insanely easy and really easy to use. "

- EHead, 30

"There are a lot of really fun, respectful guys on this site! A lot of other hookup sex sites are basically for horn dogs looking to live out their porn fantasy, but most of the guys on here seemed to be normal guys just looking for a good time. Both me and my husband liked the guys we met up with and we didn't have any issues with being uncomfortable. It's awesome!"

- BarbaraAnnAndMikeLove, 50 & 57

"We weren't sure if we wanted to have a threesome so we signed up for UBangWithFriends just to see what was out there. We ended up connecting with a ton of guys who had us quite interested and ended up actually meeting up with some of them. We had no reservations once we were actually out and open to the idea. It felt like when we met them, it really clicked! We've had a lot of fun with it!"

- Wineos_and_beer_fiends, 29 & 42

"We hadn't had good sex in nearly two years leading up to registering for UBangWithFriends. It was always on a weekend night, always the same positions we've been doing for years. My wife suggested we start having sex with other people and I didn't feel completely comfortable with that idea until a friend suggested we just mutually bring someone into bed. We heeded his advice and are happier with our sex lives than we've been in years!"

- SavingGrace, 38 & 41
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You have 100% Control Hookup Privacy Settings When using U Bang with Friends you have the options on how much or how little of your profile you would like share with other members, we even have features that allow you to remain totally hidden and only contact members you want to, this is one of our most popular features for cheating wives who wish to remain anonymous while dabbling on erotic extramarital affairs, but if you are like many of our members who live on the wild side or as we like to call it the girls gone wild side,


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Hide my profile from all members, with the exception of paid members

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