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"We've wanted to meet someone we could connect and hookup with for a while now. We tried connecting with friends of friends and people we met in bars and what have you, but we couldn't find someone who met our standards. That's when we registered for UBangWithFriends. We realized that going through profiles was better than playing trial and error with anyone we met offline. We found quite a few women we wanted to connect with and had a great time with each of them!"

- HelloKitties, 29 & 34

"We've kind of always been the kinds of people who go for what we want. When we were single, we'd have sex everywhere with all different kinds of people. Now that we're married, we try to contain our sex antics to our own bedroom. It's easier for us to discreetly find someone online to hookup with than it is to go out and bring someone back. We get to have the same wild sex we've always had, but now everyone we know doesn't know about it. Exactly what we want."

- Connie_and_Byde, 35 & 36

"Last year we went to a Kesha concert and saw three people all over each other all night. We'd never considered a threesome before that, but seeing them connect like that was so hot we knew we wanted to do something similar. Within a week of registering we had already invited someone to have sex with us and it was GREAT! We'll probably be doing it pretty often-- It's fun and we felt really comfortable doing it."

- MuzikLvsUs, 45 & 39

"I've always been pretty bi-curious but have only ever wanted to date men. Instead of stringing women along and pretending to be interested I hookup with couples so I don't have to worry about them getting emotionally attached. This way I've been able to get what I want and not have to worry about them developing feelings."

- JCoverJustine, 25

"I joined the sexual world a little late in life. I didn't lose my virginity until I was 22 and I didn't have sex with my second partner until I was 24. I realized that sex wasn't as big of a deal as I had originally built it up to be in my mind and I wanted to start enjoying it. I originally used UBangWithFriends just to find guys, but one asked me to join him and his wife and it was amazing, I've been looking for threesomes ever since. Amazing!"

- 80sKidAtHeart, 29

"I have no time for relationships and I'm not interested in starting one, but that doesn't mean I don't want to have an ongoing dry spell. I hookup with couples because I get amazing action AND I can watch them do it. Who doesn't love live entertainment, right? UBangWithFriends is the easiest site I've ever used to hookup with. It took no time to register and even less time to start getting messages from couples. Love it. "

- OceanBabe, 32
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You have 100% Control Hookup Privacy Settings When using U Bang with Friends you have the options on how much or how little of your profile you would like share with other members, we even have features that allow you to remain totally hidden and only contact members you want to, this is one of our most popular features for cheating wives who wish to remain anonymous while dabbling on erotic extramarital affairs, but if you are like many of our members who live on the wild side or as we like to call it the girls gone wild side,


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Hide my profile from all members, with the exception of paid members

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