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"We have nothing wrong with our relationship. No problems, no big fights, we're actually very happy! Some people assume we swing because we don't have a good sex life but really we just love sex so much that we want to explore it in as many ways as possible! Finding other couples on UBangWithFriends has been beyond easy. We've had great experiences with the people we've met here and will continue to use it for a long time to come!"

- TheLove_Bugs, 40 & 30

"Trying to go from a casual relationship to a serious one makes it hard to stay monogamous. When you get used to sleeping with a bunch of people, it's like you get ripped off when you have to go back to just one person. We have an open relationship to prevent infidelity, so we can sleep with whoever we want as long as we're both sleeping with the same couple. It's a great system and has made us really happy together!"

- GoodDoers, 34 & 32

"As two bisexuals we sometimes need a little attention from the opposite sex. UBangWithFriends lets us hookup with couples so we get what we've always craved while still being faithful to each other. It's a great balance for our lives!"

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"College is for experimenting, but we found our 'one' earlier than expected, so we figure we might as well experiment together! We've found about a dozen of couples to hookup with on UBangWithFriends and have only used it for like a month. I thought that most couples would probably be older but we've found a TON our age! This site is hot beyond belief; even just searching for new couples is pretty thrilling."

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"Alright to jump to the point, going online is a way easier method to find swingers than fishing for them offline. We can't tell you how many times we were POSITIVE a couple would be swingers then they'd get really offended when we'd approach them with an offer to join us in bed. It's really disheartening striking out that many times. So we registered for UBangWithFriends and now we're having more sex with other couples than we EVER have!"

- MeowwMixx, 35 & 35

"We've got a little kink in us! We aren't really into swapping partners, but having a couple have sex in the same room that you're having sex in is HOT! It's like watching porn, but it's better because they can take requests haha. Nothing is hotter than asking to see doggy style and getting it right away! We love hooking up with other couples for a little visual stimulation during sex!"

- MistahAndMissisLovah, 28 & 29
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You have 100% Control Hookup Privacy Settings When using U Bang with Friends you have the options on how much or how little of your profile you would like share with other members, we even have features that allow you to remain totally hidden and only contact members you want to, this is one of our most popular features for cheating wives who wish to remain anonymous while dabbling on erotic extramarital affairs, but if you are like many of our members who live on the wild side or as we like to call it the girls gone wild side,


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