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Try New Positions Tonight! We've all gotten to a point in our sex lives where things get so stale we have to resort to breaking out the Kama Sutra for new ideas. But what happens when we reach the point that a little kink just won't cut it anymore? What happens when you need to go above and beyond to be able to enjoy sex? It's not a lost cause, it's just a call for something a little more adventurous! Browse the profiles of single men at UBangWithFriends and find a man who can help you spice things up! From getting oral while you're giving it to seeing what DP is really like, there are countless ways to restart your sex life when you add in someone new!

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Give Your Relationship A Better Chance Of Success Couples who married after 2007 have an average marriage span of a mere 7 years. And the main reason for divorce? Infidelity. If you've become so bored with your sex life that you have to find excitement with an outside source, then your marriage shouldn't have to pay the price. Instead of exploring other men by yourself, bring them into the bedroom with both you and your spouse! You'll get to enjoy the thrill of someone new while eliminating the infidelity. Relationships that engage in threesomes are six times less likely to get divorced, so start hooking up on UBangWithFriends and increase your lasting power!

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"We wanted to live out the threesome fantasy, so we signed up for UBangWithFriends. We didn't know how serious we were about it so we did't put much effort into our profile but we still ended up having a lot of men interested in getting together. It was a real ego boost seeing that many people were willing to get together! We ended up hooking up with a few guys and really got into it."

- SandD, 42 & 31

"We were much more wild in our younger years and used to experiment with hooking up with different people all the time. We've kind of settled into our relationship but now that our kids are out of the house, we finally have time to get back to the great sex lives we had before. We have threesomes nearly ever time we have sex now! It's amazing!"

- LovingDuo, 50 & 50

"Our sex life is FINALLY fun again! Things went stale for nearly a decade and we would have never thought of turning to UBangWithFriends unless a friend suggested it. We're SO glad she did because we actually have fun in bed again! I can't tell you how dull it was doing the same 4 moves once a month for like 9 years. Having threesomes has helped us learn new positions and moves we wouldn't have gotten to know on our own. It's really good fun and is definitely a good motivator for great sex."

- HoneymoonsOvr, 45 & 39

"There are a few things I've always wanted to try in bed that I needed another person to do. Pig roast, DP… Basically anything you see in porn that takes an extra helping hand. I found that couples are better than finding two single people to do it with because they're already comfortable with each other so there's not much work to convince them to be open with positions. It's a perfect setup and I've never found more people looking to hookup before."

- JerBear, 30

"I'm straight but there are some things I like doing in bed that aren't done properly by women. I don't really feel comfortable getting into it, but I will say that hooking up with a couple gives me exactly what I want from a man while still giving me the satisfaction of being with a woman. It's pretty win-win."

- Prey2Me, 35 & 35

"Threesomes are the dream! Nothing better than going at a girl and seeing someone else have a go, too! It's like watching live porn and feeling the sensation! I've been having threesomes since college and just because I can't pick up that easily anymore doesn't mean I want to slow it down! I've come to UBangWithFriends to find couples looking for a good time and I've found TONS! This site is GREAT!"

- BevvyKevvy, 29
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You have 100% Control Hookup Privacy Settings When using U Bang with Friends you have the options on how much or how little of your profile you would like share with other members, we even have features that allow you to remain totally hidden and only contact members you want to, this is one of our most popular features for cheating wives who wish to remain anonymous while dabbling on erotic extramarital affairs, but if you are like many of our members who live on the wild side or as we like to call it the girls gone wild side,


Hide my profile from all members - I can grant access on a per member basis

Hide my profile from all members, with the exception of members I contact

Hide my profile from all members, with the exception of paid members

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