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I am a 41 year old man thats been married three times but I only have kids by one of those. My main goal in life basicly is to raise my children and to be the best dad I can be. I like to shoot pool when I can get the time to get out but mostly I love sex anytime and all the time. I like role playing phone sex anything there is exccept homosexual or things involving pain. I also love to meet in places with people like the grocery store or the shopping centers and play out sexual fantasys. I think that spontaniuos encounters are incredibly hot. Thats deffinately my favorate thing to do is set up meets wherever and role play with each other just off the hip as you go and by time you get to the sex you are so hot you feel like your about to exploide and it is always an encredible experience phone#704-779-4096 cell or collect 704-399-3494 home PLEASE ladies If your serious as I am about having great encredible sexual encounters then dail those numbersand just put a private block on your number if you are scared at first. I will answer every call like it was the last one I would ever get!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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