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see the name, thats how to get me

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First of all, if you can read my name you know how to get in touch with me outside this place. Diggitybay on a im. Second, I'm in Woodside/ Astoria, Queens, New York. Not in New York City/ Manhattan. The site didn't have them so I had to pick NY. Now here is what I'm looking for, since the site doesn't have the selection "Casual Encounter" or "hooking Up" or even NSA??? I'm looking for a masculine hung top to play bottom to. It's as simple as that. I'm not about liiks, I'm Bi living straight, and not into men romantically- only sexually. And when I am into a man sexually, it's to play submissive bottom to their masculine top. And I really mean, Masculine Hung Top. Yes, I am a size queen, and proud of it. It's what turns me on. I like the main three ethnicities, black white and latin. If you are another ethnicity and you fall into the above named categories, hung and Masculine Top, then reach out, I'm not prejudice, I just havent been with any others than the main three.

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