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Well I'm Jamaican, love to play soccer play almost like everyday, love to take care of my body. I love to have fun no matter wat it is I'm willing to make n turn an fun experience :-). I like to be happy and love to smile, one thing I don't do is argue or fight I don't really see the point it gets know where, but I know u prolly hear this all the time from all the losers out there who give us good guys bad rep, but this is who I am and all these qualities made me the person who I am today, I don't like to lie and like to learn new things, I consider myself to be different I hate to be compared. Which in fact brings me a very important point I know how to treat a women and treat her like the queen she should be, I wanna find that one and I know she's out there just where I don't know but I'm will to fine her and do wat it take. Damn well I love sex, I love the feeling of a wet pussy. My dick whozing though ur wet pussy, seeing ur ass giggle on my dick... It's on of the greatest feeling

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