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I'm a tall, well-centered, and gregarious married man, living a comfortable suburban life -- maybe too comfortable -- and I've reached a point where I want to see what spice the world has to offer. Marriages change, as do the people, sometimes we grow apart, yet still love one another. I'm not looking to change my situation, only to add a new person to it. You must understand - as do I - that sex and love can exist separately. I am a highly sensual man looking to share intimate moments with a woman who yearns for the touch of someone new. What do YOU desire? Do you miss the soft caresses, gentle strokes, and deep passionate kisses in the arms of a man as you melt together as one? Do you yearn for the feel of soft lips running from your mouth to your breasts, the hot breath and gentle licks all over the inside of your soft thighs? Do your nipples like to be slowly stroked and licked, pinched and sucked? When did you last feel the deep kisses and taught muscles of slow, grinding sex that was released in bone shaking orgasm? Is it time for the sweaty, heart pounding, let yourself go screaming sex that leave you breathless and weak? Have you been naughty lately? . I like to take charge in the bedroom, but I'm always open to learning a few things, life is too short to pass up an opportunity like this.....I'm thinking intelligent, imaginative, erotic fun, sexual adventure, and lust.

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