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Age: 63

Loc: Fairmont, West Virginia

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Seriously looking for a few good women to date....

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Wanna have fun with a monk? For reasons I'll tell you when we meet, I haven't been to bed with anyone for about 10 years... Just a few years before that, I was married to a model, Playboy photo shoots, Cover Girl in Europe, Professional Ballerina,and part time porn nymph... If ya think I'm ready for the saddle again.... come to me tonight baby and let's try it all! And I should say (to answer any doubts) I don't play games.. if I don't find your personality, body language, language, opinions or lack of them, intelligence, playfulness to be intriguing and likable I'll take you back home.. No games, drama of baggage here or needed to be brought with you... I have integrity, don't lie, and it isn't all about sex, I have a couple of well experienced hands! I do have to sense that chemistry, and that you are a real and interesting... and playful woman! I enjoy self confident women who just enjoy sex. I am neither gay or straight. I'm an equal gender fucker! I'm also not a Democrat or Republican, a Communist or an "American (I know folks use Capitalist here but that refers to an economic system....), I am a patriot if you insist-because I am an American, but I am not nationalist.... All I'm saying is label me once my fault.... label me twice... uh,...well... hmmm..... you....just won't label me again! (or something like that...) Just looking for some who will become good long term friends with great benefits... Not anonymous sexual playmates nor multiple partners, etc... Healthy, conscientious active friends with mutual minds.

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