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Age: 30

Loc: Syracuse, New York

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My closest friends and colleagues would tell you that I'm really chill, easygoing, pleasant and sociable. I'm the kind of guy who will start up a random conversation with almost anyone if I think they would talk to me if I broke the ice. I've been told that I like to flirt a lot, but I honestly don't know I'm doing it until one of my friends gives me the 'eye' to let me know. I consider myself pretty intelligent and can hold my own in a conversation. I'm the kind of guy who really values close, personal relationships, and I don't shy away from making the time to develop them. As a lover, I feel that I'm considerate and I try to be as creative as the situation allows. I'm very involved in the process, and very passionate about it. Sound like the kind of guy you want to talk to? Drop me a line.

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