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Age: 33

Loc: Babylon, New York

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I'm comfortable in my own skin. Fake people and posers not wanted.

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I'm completely comfortable with who I am. Fake people aren't worth my time. Anyone who pretends to be someone they're not in order to impress others isn't worth my time. The most important thing in my life other then the personal stuff i.e.:(family, friends) is music. I can't live without it. My main tastes are classic rock, hard rock, alternative rock, metal, jazz and classical. Techno, trance, dance club music, emo and most hip-hop and pop music suck. I know this may irk some people, so I always make sure to specify my tastes. While I'm not some crazy fan, don't mess with me when it comes to the Mets or Giants. Most weekends I usually see one of a few live bands or shoot some pool. Most weekdays are spent relaxing after the usual grind. My personality and sense of humor are very sarcastic. While I have my stupid, goofy, reserved and professional sides, I'm usually a smart ass. Some have seen this as a turn-off, others don't care. To those of you who don't like it, sorry. On top of all that, I'm still known as the "nice guy". While I like women for the physical stuff, I'm usually looking for more. The mental side does have its purpose.

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