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Age: 47

Loc: Watertown, New York

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Open minded, simple, blue collar type of guy, just looking for fun on the open road of life. Love to ride my Harley, would love for some one to ride along with me on the next adventure, looking for some fun, tired of sitting around doing nothing at night -- drop me a line, give me a chance -- we can ride until the sun goes down! I am a very simple type of guy, been down many rocky roads. Everyone has a past, and we all need to learn from it, regardless if it was good or bad. I am not sure what I am looking for, but I know what I dont want. I enjoy being outdoors and having fun. I am looking for someone to have fun with and I willing to try anything -- just as long as we have fun, its all good. I just want to enjoy life, so why don't you pack a bag, get on the back of my bike or we can take the truck, and we will ride into the sunset together and see where the road ends!

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