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Age: 52

Loc: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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I work real hard but like to have a lot of fun. I'm friendly and outgoing and love to laugh. I like lectures and book reading as much as parties at bars and karaoke. All that and curling up with a good book is also my ieda of a good time. The creator and I have a very close relationship and speak often. I'm apolitical and rigidly independent. I'm a peacenick, but a practical one. I dream of living a life in service to my fellow man. Whoever you are, if you are a human being, I love you. If you're another species I like you a lot. My Interests are many and varied. Music, reading, fjun with friends, social activism, trying new things, etc. My Best feature is keeping calm and reasonble no matter how stressful the situation, finding the humor in everything and being an unbelieveably awesome kisser. Set up a charitable foundation, but pay myself a decent salary to run it. Hmmmmm, that's a tough one. Abraham Lincoln. I'd like to say thanks.

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