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damn. i really don't know what to say...i've never done the online thing before. not even sure were to start... but i guess my best friends would describe me as a goofy bastard who would do pretty much anything to help and support them but when it comes time to get things done would put on the shit kickers and kicks some shit. so....goofy bastard + supporting x shitkicking = me. i guess i'm also a little bit of a nerd...i do enjoy a video game or two...a cartoon or two...or anything involving ninjas, robots, or zombies. so...goofy bastard + supporting x shitkicking / nerd - ninjas + robots + zombies= wtf? yup pretty much. anyways...once upon a time my hair was metallic purple....but more...the hair is gone at the tender age of 34 but i still find myself seeing things and saying "that is so punk rock" and yes...that phrase was around before jack black and "school of rock". do i need to update the equation or have you done it on your own?

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